What’s All This Then, Eh?


America is under siege today.  From external sources of course, but most importantly, FROM OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!  Both major political parties are consumed by the overwhelming psychotic need to be continually re-elected.  They don’t care what the costs to Americans are, and they don’t care what the ramifications are of their current schemes.  They can’t see farther into the future than their own noses in most cases.  They are not Patriots, they are merely petty despots trying to retain their little piece of political power.  Basically, very few people in our government are Patriots…

This is a Conservative Site, expressing Conservative ideas and Conservative opinions.  Fair warning to all types of Socialists or Liberals, you won’t like what you read here, so save yourself a trip to the shrink and just don’t read any further.

Besides just ranting and complaining, I’m going to offer ideas whereby we as Americans can take back our government from the fools who love power, and elect responsible citizens to public office.






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